Since 2004 we have been carrying out our automated rapid production activities relying on our own design machines installed at our production facilities and ultrasonic welding methods innovated and adapted by us as well shaping our sector worldwide.Our company has acquired 23 patents and utility models of our production machinery and products.Our company’s initial mission has been set up as commercialization of our acquired patents and utility models by means of presenting to the market. Thus,our primary aim is to increase the pace of sectoral development creating alternatives versus the current logistics and quality affairs of Far East market and contributing to our country to become an important integral of the world market in this regard with increased employment capacity..Our secondary and also very important particular target is to make contribution to economic conversion of our country from an importer status of high-tech machines into a high-tech producer and exporter position.

Ultrasonic Bag Making Machine
Ultrasonic Semi-Automatic Handle Welding Machine
Ultrasonic Bottom Welding Machine
Ultrasonic Piping Cutting Machine






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