KONHİDROLİKSAN FARUK USTA HYDRAULIC PRESS is going to branding in the hydraulic press sector with its experience and experiences since 1982. We are planning to produce quality investments for this purpose. Our experience is our guarantee for providing optimum benefit and reliability to our customers. Our company produces integrated solutions and adds difference to difference.
KONHİDROLİKSAN, which takes the aim of corporate governance with its expert staff, realizes its professional production in order to catch the success it has achieved in the country.

As KONHİDROLİKSAN, our main goal is to produce high quality hydraulic presses to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and to provide healthy and sustainable growth by providing after-sales service and services.

Product quality and durability, technology, price, providing customer satisfaction with after-sales service is to be the preferred brand in Turkey and in the world market.

Our mission

To be a company that creates value for our employees, our country and our customers as the first choice of our customers with our products, solutions, reliability and high business ethics that we provide after-sales services.

our vision

As an inspiring brand and company that the best wants to work with, it is to provide the products, systems, services and solutions that provide great benefit to our customers.
The responsibility of being a market leader imposes on us to be better, stronger and more innovative.

Atölye tipi hidrolik presler
Tablalı atölye tipi hidrolik presler
Hidrolik büküm presleri
Hidrolik hortum sıkma presleri
Hidrolik C tipi presler
Hidrolik C tipi özel amaçlı hidrolik presler
Hidrolik C tipi sıvama presleri
Hidrolik H tipi ütüleme presleri
Hidrolik H tipi sıvama presleri
Hidrolik kolonlu tek ve çift tesirli presler
Hidrolik saç desen presleri
Hidrolik sıcak kauçuk presleri
Hidrolik platine doğrultma presleri
Hidrolik pompalar
Hidrolik silindirler



Fevzi Çakmak Mah. 10756 Sk. No:1F, 42050, KARATAY KONYA , Türkiye
+90 332 346 00 12
+90 332 346 00 12

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