Our cylindrical thread Rolling machines are diversified as 2 die cylindrical , 3 die cylindrical or special thread Rolling machines.
• 2 die cylindrical thread Rolling machines; rolling force range is between 3 tonnes up to 120 tonnes; Pitch size is between 0,5 to 14 mm; thru feed, infeed, knurling, spline Rolling and burnishing processes can be avaliable with this type of machine. Two type of machine; as wedge type and column types, are avaliable.
• 3 die cylindrical thread Rolling machines; Rolling force range is between 3 tonnes to 150 tonnes; Pitch size is between 0,5 to 16 mm; preferred to roll both pipe and bar materials.
• Special thread Rolling machines; are produced as derivation of 2 die or 3 die cylindrical thread Rolling machines. As examples, hot Rolling of railway spikes, to produce highly efficient for burnishing and thread Rolling processes, as combined, of ball studs, to have precised and accurate spline Rolling profiles, are causes of special thread Rolling machines existence.
• In case of demand from customer side, automation feeding ejection unit can be designed and produced by our side.
- All machines are CE certified
- All hydraulic and electrical components are CE certified and easy to reach from all countries around the world.
- 2 years mechanical guarantee
- Addition to have expanded technical service network in Europe and North America, for other territories, we serve our customers directly from headquarter for after sales service.

• End Facing Machines
• Automated Thread Rolling Machines
• 2 Die Thread Rolling Machines
• 3 Die Thread Rolling Machines
• Special Thread Rolling Machines














































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