Cansa Makina, since 1979, is experiencing a remarkable and steady growth trend. Cansa Makina pipe bending, end-forming and pipe drilling machines have been working constantly for more than twenty years and have produced many different products all over Turkey and abroad with reliability and precision. From this standpoint, Cansa Makina demonstrate a production rigour and competence that the customer will always require.

At the beginning, the hardness of the operations of metal for manufacturing furnitures generated to motive finding an easier way for bending the pipes. And therefore to make production processes easier, the first pipe bending machine of Turkey was produced by CANSA MAKINA.

Since that time, CANSA MAKINA has accumulated advanced and professional techniques for superior production quality on practical and solid ground. Today, with outstanding capabilities of technology and vision, CANSA MAKINA continue to improve and advance with the latest market trend. So that, the efforts and achievements are high recognized by all customers in Turkey and abroad. Through to comprehensive and complete service, CANSA MAKINA strength to guarantee 100% customers satisfaction. CANSA MAKINA is confidently pursuing the best quality to aim to meet customers' needs.

Mechanical and Hydraulic
Manuel and CNC Pipe and Section Bending Machines,
Hydraulic Upsetting Machines,
Tube and Section Punching Machines















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