The new generation of Yilmaz gearboxes is of a monoblock (one-piece housing) design, which has the advantages of lower noise level, reduced oil leakage and higher rigidity and gear strength. All bearings are supported by the housing itself and not by split housings. All axes are machined on the same mounting plate, which gives a high precision on all axes with very tight tolerances. The gear manufacturing processes used allows exceptionally tight gear tolerances. This requires machining of the GG22 material housing to obtain the same tight tolerances, which can be achieved only with a monoblock housing. The one-piece housing also makes higher bearing and gear life as well as greater overhung loads possible. Gear strength, bearing life, shaft strength etc. are calculated with professional software applications according to DIN and Niemann’s calculation principles. The middle bearing support plate is integrally cast and provides optimum support for bearings used in three-stage gearboxes. The middle bearing support plate allows the gears to be supported from both sides and very close to the gear wheel. This minimizes runout and deformation on running under load, making it possible to make low noise gearboxes. The new generation of gearboxes feature many additional mounting possibilities. According to customer specifications IEC B14, B5 or standard coupled geared motors are available. All models are two- or three-stage and foot- or flange-mounted. The new gearboxes have lower axle heights than the old models and are more compact at the same power and speed. All gearboxes are of a modular design, allowing double gearboxes to be integrated with minimum change. All gearbox tolerances are actively checked by our quality control system.

Foot and Flange Mounted Helical Gearboxes
Worm Gearboxes
Bevel-Helical Gearboxes
Parallel Shaft Gearboxes
Planetary Gearboxes
Compact Horizontal Type Helical Gearboxes
Compact Horizontal Type Bevel-Helical Gearboxes
Hoisting Drive Units
Special Application Gearboxes

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