VURUSKAN Makina San. ve Tic A.S was founded in 1985.Due to developing Turkish Concrete Batching Plant Sector and thanks to the advanced engineering knowledge VURUSKAN Makina San. ve Tic A.S becomes Vur-Mak VURUSKAN Makina San. ve Tic A.S and increased its production capacity and variety day by day in 3 different factories located in southern part of Turkey.

Vur-Mak has been the leading supplier of equipment, services and expertise for the Cement and Ready Mix Concrete industries with approximately 250 employees on 42.000 m2 closed field production line.

With the Ready Mixed Concrete Batching Plant as the major good our production range includes Cement Storage and Packing Terminals, Recycling Units, Cement Palletizing Machines, Pneumatic Ship Unloaders, Big Bag Discharging Machines, Horizontal and Vertical Silos, Semi Trailer Productions and Automation Systems.

With its trained marketing team and skilled engineers Vur-Mak Vuruskan Makina San. ve Tic A.S provides 7/24 Sale,After Sales and Service Support around the world in 43 different countries.

Our mission is serving all of our clients as a solution provider and partner with 7/24 service hotline, rapid intervention with the best possible technology and innovation.

As a company holding CE,ISO 9001-2008,GOST-R and etc. we have a significant international presence in various geographic regions.








Tarsus O.S.B. 9. Cad. No: 1, 33440, TARSUS MERSİN , Türkiye
+90-324-676 47 64
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