The foundations of STK MAKINA, which is a pioneer in the production and supply of equipment for the food sector and especially for the production of milk and milk products, and the establishment of a turnkey milk processing plant, were laid in 1981. Experience so far with their customers in five continents, including Turkey, it offers the best service. Having a wide range of products, STK MAKİNA has reached today with its expertise in determining the customer needs in the best way and finding the right solution for this, quality service and honest line.

Sakarya continues its activities in four branches with its project, production, assembly, sales, application, training and service departments for the food sector at its facilities in Çark Sanayi. For the dairy industry, complete lines for milk collection and cooling centers, milk intake and pasteurization lines, pasteurized drinking milk, milk lines; yoghurt, buttermilk and kefir lines; Production lines for many cheese types such as white cheese, curd, cheddar, gouda, mozerella, chaddar, halloumi, cream cheese; produces fruit juice, jam, marmalade and molasses production lines, and ice cream and milk desserts production lines; soft drinks, cola drinks, chocolate, margarine, tomato paste, etc. It establishes turnkey modern facilities for the food sector with the supply of special equipment for the enterprises that produce

















Adres: Sakarya 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2. Yol Numara 5, 54580, ARİFİYE SAKARYA , Türkiye
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