The important functions of MVD Inan Press Brakes: sensitive body and parts which shaped on CNC column milling machines, sensitive cylinders, hardened and chrome-plated pistons, world known mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic equipments and customer focused optional solutions.
CNC type Punch Presses has sensitive and shaped sheet cutting and form from 1mm to 6 mm sheet thickness functions with Fanuc CNC system and H+L hydraulic system, 30 tons punching power, 600 and 900 punch in a minute options. Punch Presses gives a serial and standard production easiness by doing all process in one binding with automatic clamp positioning, automatic re-positioning, standard and special shaped cutting tools, different form tools like louvers, and reel form tools.
The Fiber Laser cutting machine which has been started manufacturing in year 2011 can cut sheet metals sensitively which has the thickness from 1mm to 15mm. Fiber laser system can increase the production efficiency especially in thin sheet metals.



















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