Kozanlı Engineering in 2002, Bursa / Small Industries 34.blok 15 m² is built in a linear project aims to provide support to machine manufacturers in motion technology.
The remaining process with the private sector, particularly the automotive / general machinery manufacturing industry and the services we provide high quality and reliable CNC machine users, we have brought to the position works with 35 personnel in 2,000 m².
Precision motion systems of linear metal shavings, dust, cooling fluid, etc. It must be protected from such factors. "Kozanlı Covers" As with skid protection systems we manufacture our own constitution project funded services we provide to our customers. In the linear sector until the middle of 2015 with a global brand INA with good quality services to our customers then we will continue to provide the world with a brand of Schneeberger.

Mission ;
In parallel to the development of great potential with Turkish industry "customer proximity" principle of movement and the most appropriate solution, our technical support can produce Kozanlı and Schneeberger products to provide the service of Turkish industry and our services constantly improving "customers satisfaction" is to make it permanent.

Our goal ;
With our R & D work; increasing our mass production capacity, both domestic and abroad has become a major supplier of CNC machine tools manufacturer.

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