Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Ankara, Turkey, Mikropor serves industrial filtration markets including air compressor equipment, compressed air purification, power generation, gas turbines, dust collection, clean room, transportation and HVAC.

Mikropor has since extended into new dimensions of the filtration market and is now recognized around the world as a true industry leader.

Mikropor has grown to be a leading provider of quality filtration and purification products for air, gas and liquid applications.

Air Compressor Filters, Air/Oil Separators, Refrigerated Air Dryers, Gas Turbine Filters, HEPA & ULPA Filters, Gel Box HEPA Filters, V-Bank Filters, V-Bank With Activated Carbon, Panel Filters, High Temperature Mini-Pleated Panel Filters, Disposable Panel Filters, Pocket Filters: Steel & Plastic Frame, Wound Liquid Filters, Fan Filter Units, Negative Pressure Systems


















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