Today starting from packaging, to textile, from chemistry, to agriculture, food, automotive and numerous manufacturing industries production equipments use compressed air more than electrical energy; from the past to today compressed air supply sole source are only compressors. Developing technology and growing industries also made significant progress in the production of compressors. Beside of high performance and can able to run trouble lessin all conditions, offering save option to users become basic rules of competition in compressed air market.

Ozen Compressors offers production advantages which taken from advanced technology to users. By using Ozen Compressors high-tech products allows save, efficiency, durability for long years and indefinitely spare parts warranty.

Ozen Compressors who’s the shining star of compressor sector foundations were laid in a small workshop by Mehmet OZEN in 1970. Ozen Compressors by producing machinery in terms of both variety and quality which be able to serve for Turkish industries for long years, production philosophy based on customer satisfaction and continued to rise up to today with an extensive sales and service network and has become a large family. Starting from 2012 Ozen compressors continues production at new plant with 15000 m² size in Konya Organized Industrial Zone

Ozen Compressors thanks to renewed factory and use of advanced production technology, screw compressors have a significant percentage in total production, ranging from 2.5 bar to 40 bar pressure low, medium and high, with dryers and filters have a wide range of products.

Ozen Compressors production and technical infrastructure is able to respond variety compressed air demands from small to large businesses both in Turkey and in world wide. Ozen Compressors is the pioneer of development with increasing market share and brand recognition in world wide by thousands of references.

Innovative and advance technology solutions result for Ozen Compressors R&D works, alleviate the burden of heavy industries and in accordance with the user’s appreciation of all products design and technology always keep in modern line.

Ozen Compressors serving t ouserfrompre-sales continue support after sales by wide service network. Ozen Compressors continue take place at the center of the compressor production, customer satisfaction and quality principles in Future.

Piston Compressors
Screw Compressors
• Spark Series
• Core Series
• Ultra Series
• Drıve Series
Screw Booster Compressors
Screw Booster
Inverter Controlled Screw Booster
Refrigerated Air Dryers
Dessicant Air Dryers
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• OFL -WS series
• OFL -HG series
• ELM series
• ELM - HP series
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