Igrek Makina was founded in 1946 by Ali Osman İğrek in Bursa and it is experiencing its 76th year of establishment.

Since the beginning, the company has aimed to be a pioneer in the foundry industry whose main goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

The company has always aimed to be a leader in the sector with its product variety, capacity and technology.

Today, the company is heading into the production of CNC machine tools and developing its technology, increasing its diversity and product dimensions.

The company addresses many strategic sectors such as aviation, automotive and energy with this wide spectrum of new products.

The company's goal is to be a production base that improves its technology with strong R&D infrastructure, and to be recognized as a world brand in large-sized CNC machine tools.









OSB A.Osman Sönmez Blv. No:10, 16140, NİLÜFER BURSA , Türkiye
+90-224-243-16 06
+90-224-243-13 20

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