ELMALI MACHINERY being known with productive and result oriented research development activities as well as affordable high-tech products in Sheet Metal Working Machinery Manufacturing. ELMALI MACHINERY is a strong company with 15 years of experience which continuously invests on technology and increases productivity.

ELMALI MACHINERY manufactures in a fully modernized and highly equipped factory in Konya, Turkey.ELMALI MACHINERY exports 65% of its production the brand ELMALI from Germany to Saudi Arabia more than 50 countries in the world, and gives technical service.

While we are a corporate company we reckon our relationship tighten with our clients by approaching them as “business partner” rather than “customer”. We always stand behind our products as our commitment and continue to gain confidence of our business partner with our philosophy created by founder Mr. Ahmet Elmalı.

We, as ELMALI MACHINERY share not only our first quality high-tech products with you but also we share our values, tradition, engineering and productiveness as well as our dreams. We try our best to provide you the proper product at the most convenient price, shortest delivery time and with better quality.

By purchasing ELMALI machines, you will be investing on your future. With this decision, we are promising to give you the best fit machine to your needs and the best service by means of price, delivery, quality, training and after-sales technical support

Pipe and Profile Cutting Machines,
Manual Circular Sawing Machines,
Semi-Auto. Circular Sawing Machines,
Full-Auto. Circular Sawing Machines,
Band Sawing Machines,
Semi-Auto. Band Sawing Machines,
Full-Auto. Band Sawing Machines



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